cd-cover-beyondBEYOND DOUBT

Beyond Doubt is the point that exists in all of us where the unexplainable is experienced. It is the point when we let go so completely we do not even realize that we have let go. Suddenly, there it is…release or surrender; what is it that we let go of? Beyond Doubt is the point where it no longer matters.

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cd-cover-beingBEING IS BELIEVING

Who you believe you are is reflected ineverything you do. “Being is Believing” is not only about exploring your true essence, it is about being it…NOW. Join Francesco on a spiritual journey to connect with your innate and unlimited potential self. Bring it out for everyone to see today. That is freedom. That is “Being is Believing”.

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Chant (from Old French “chanter”) is the rhythmic speaking or the singing of words or sounds, often primarily on one or two pitches called reciting tones.
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Japa (Sanskrit: जप) is a spiritual discipline involving the meditative repetition of a mantra or name of a divine power.
In the classical Yoga system, Pratyahara is the methods used to draw the mind inwards.