Kirtan, Bhakti, Yoga

Francesco Jaya is an entrepreneur, artist, author, musician, and instructor.

For over 15 years, Francesco has personally studied with some of the most prominent teachers of human potential on the planet, including Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, Aadil Palkhivala and Amma. As graduate of “Soundwork as Soulwork”; Francesco weaves wonder, awe and joy into his music.

Based on his soul’s passion and natural skill to draw out the hidden, latent and reserved potential in each person; Francesco creates and facilitates workshops, mentoring programs and Kirtan’s world wide.

These programs feature group and individual forums, to fathom and grow the human condition from the nature of your spiritual truth –reaching inside your own thoughts and belief systems, and helping you to examine and construct new, true foundations – from the thoughts behind your thoughts.

Francesco’s intensive programs expose the surprise of self-empowered self-direction, and reveal the very core of how we construct life, individually and collectively. His music and Kirtan’s are centered on expanding and sharing joy!


At the base of each of us are a string of identity statements.You may not know what these are, and yet they govern your life! We each constantly, consciously or unconsciously revert to them. It is who we are
What is Kirtan?
In the classical Yoga system, Pratyahara is the methods used to draw the mind inwards. Kirtan (Bhakti) is Pratyahara, the fifth limb of the eight limb yoga practice. In Kirtan, we utilize the ancient language
Expanded Bio
Born Toronto, Ontario, Canada Frank Casula grew  up the son of immigrating parents. With an upbringing and all the circumstances, which gave him every excuse to fail,